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MR2 Spyder ECU Full Replacement

An aftermarket exhaust system can cost quite a bit of money. Why would anyone want to spend a lot of money on a new (complete) exhaust system, especially when the one you have works just fine. Some believe it will boost performance of their car, other purchase new exhaust systems just for the sound it adds to the car. How much will your cars performance increase with an aftermarket performance exhaust system? There are a few factors, but the most obvious is the current size of the engine. The larger the engine the more increased performance you will see. Cars with smaller engines may only see a couple horsepower, where larger engines may notice a significant increase in horsepower. Is the added horsepower and sound worth the extra money you will pay for a new exhaust system? Is a beer at a baseball game really worth $6? It really depends on the person. If you enjoy the speed boost and new sound then it's well worth the money.

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